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You’re here because you have great taste.

Not every woman can walk out of the house in leggings and end up looking more polished than her peers, or layer sheer tees over in-and-out bras with an edgy stretch riding jacket and make it look effortless. You race to the office in outfits that look like they were put together by a celebrity stylist, and women tend to ask you where you shop. You’re always the first to know about a new cool brand, whether it’s an up-and-coming designer, a time-saving mobile app, or the must-have new foundation formula, and your friends admire your ability to curate these hot new finds among so much consumer noise.

We get it. In fact, we had you in mind when we designed our collection. You’re sophisticated yet edgy, and you appreciate everyday basics but want an unexpected twist too. Let’s face it, when a basic tee, legging, or jacket is done right, it can make the whole outfit work, from the boardroom to a weekend gathering to cocktail chic.

So sit down, lay down, read as you’re in line at coffee, waiting to meet a friend, or grabbing a glass of wine after work, because we think you’re going to want to know more about //OUT Incorporated.

Here’s our story…

Getting //OUT - Our Story

We saw an opportunity.

Women replaced their denim-and-tee “uniform” with more casual leggings and tees. NEWS FLASH - it’s not often the cool look we see for ourselves. 

No matter where we went - airports, malls, restaurants, cafes - women were wearing running jackets over a uni-boob sports bra or with a logo muscle t-shirt. They would pair these over leggings with Nike runners, and we recognized that we could design a more sophisticated option yet still use these feel-good-look-good fabrics.

We wanted to create pieces that were chic enough to get you through a 12 hour flight to Asia comfortably, but that could also be cool enough for your neighbor’s wine & cheese gathering.


We design for ourselves and for women all over the world who want a sophisticated edge. Our woman creates an interesting life for herself and her family. We want our line to reflect that curious and interested spirit.

The Women Behind //OUT

 //OUT Incorporated was started by three women who wanted to create a smart line that’s unique and unexpected. They dreamed of a line that was polished and versatile for corporate to cocktail dressing with the feel-good element of smooth, stretchable and breathable hi-tech fabrics.

Leah came from beauty and worked for some of the top beauty brands in the world, such as Smashbox, Too Faced, and Sephora. Sephora recruited Leah to live in Paris and Singapore.

In her role, Leah traveled regularly to the top European and Asian cities. Along the way as she developed friends in each city, she was brought to fantastic restaurants, unique hotels, charming shopping streets and local treasures. Thanks to that exposure, this simple gal from Northern California developed a strong sense of style and a sharp eye.

“Traveling and living abroad will do nothing if not give one a unique point of view. It’s unavoidable.”

It was in Singapore where Leah met Australian sisters Libby and Lauren. Libby was in charge of Sephora’s international expansion in the SEA region and is now the GM for Sephora in Australia. In addition to settling down in her home country, Libby is the Australian face of //OUT. With a naturally high taste level, Libby is the //OUT resident connoisseur for trend spotting from the top luxury fashion and apparel brands.

Before Lauren found herself relocating to Singapore to work for Sephora helping build their regional training department, she was a fitness instructor and aesthetician in Canada for an upscale resort spa. Like her sister Libby, Lauren has a natural sense of style, though different from Libby’s. Lauren’s aesthetic is very minimalistic and modern. It's quite likely that no bows or ruffles have ever touched Lauren’s body unless by accident.

The //OUT Values

Feel good, do good.

Feel good

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but when your self-talk is positive, you’re treating your body right. You're expressing your unique style, and you can’t help but feel like you can take over the world. When you feel good, you do good. It’s as easy as that most days. Surround yourself with good people, have faith, and wear fantastic clothes - that’s our simple recipe for a happy day.

Looking your best is one way to honor your self-worth. If you’re lucky enough to afford beautiful high quality clothes, enjoy! Looking good is not a formula for real self-esteem (no shortcuts there), but it’s fun and healthy within reason to nurture your feminine side. European women get this intuitively without apology, and they are admired throughout the world for it.

Do good

When you feel good, you do good. When you feel good, it’s possible to forgive others, to be gentle, and to give thanks for the little kindnesses that come your way. From a happy center, it’s more likely you’ll take the high road even when a shortcut tempts you with a more immediate sense of satisfaction.  Feeling good in your skin makes it a little easier to focus on being kind versus worrying about being right. That said, learning how to feel good is not an insignificant journey. Take it seriously. Start somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere.

These are the qualities that nurture an //OUT Incorporated woman. And this feel-good spirit is how we want you to feel when you put on a piece of our clothing.

Stand //OUT

//OUT Incorporated is a fashion-forward lifestyle brand focused on designing for the woman who wants to be comfortable and chic anywhere and everywhere.

She’s looking for versatile basics with a twist to wear to the office, run errands, or meet with friends. She’s not looking for loud, bright prints or patterns, she wants sleek and subtle design that gets attention for the cut rather than the flashy print.

She prefers to layer interesting combos, mix and match luxury with fast-fashion, and tends to navigate towards clothes that will take her from day to night, or from a causal event to a business meeting. She knows what she wants and her clothes are a reflection of this confidence.

They tell a story in a way that makes her feel sexy, powerful, and graceful, and that’s what we believe we are doing at //OUT.

What is the last thing you did, or better yet wore, that made you feel powerful, sexy and sophisticated? 

Stay In the Know

We hope you enjoyed reading why we started this brand and what the brand means to us. Next week we'll be talking about our flagship store, and why we picked Corona Del Mar as our home base. 

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