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If you're like us you'll gravitate towards the water.

The warm sun on your shoulders, the scent of hot sand and ocean air filling your lungs, a coffee or chardonnay in hand...there’s nothing quite like a beautiful day spent outside. From the beachside cafes in Cannes to the quiet coves in Laguna, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you want to feel good in your clothes.

We, like you, wanted a cool look that's versatile and comfortable enough to fit in with our daily life. We aspired for the ideal mix between sophisticated city style and the comfort of activewear. A blend that could take us from the office or to happy hour on a blind date we finally agreed to. All while feeling comfortable and looking unique in sophisticated sportswear.


//OUT Incorporated was founded on the belief that you can be stylish ANYWHERE. EVERYWHERE.

One morning after spinning at Grit, we stopped in at Zinc Cafe in Corona Del Mar to grab a coffee and oat scone before heading to our design office. We saw all of our //OUT women there. Everyone in their activewear, having meetings over coffee before racing home to change, or grabbing a coffee on the way to the office, enjoying a break with the baby...etc. They were all there! We drove off and thought “Wouldn’t it be great to have a store right next to Zinc?! That’s where our clients are.” Within 2 hours, we got a call from our dear friend and Burnham leasing agent Elyse Roberts telling us she had found the perfect space for us…you guessed it, right next to Zinc. Now that’s a sign.

Flagship Store Opening

We are thrilled to announce that our flagship store in Corona Del Mar is now OPEN!

Located at 3242 E Coast Hwy CORONA DEL MAR CA 92625, we are nestled on a street that boasts accomplished restaurants, shops, and fitness studios in Orange CountyZinc Cafe, Quiet Woman, Laguna Supply, Deb Allen Art, Project Juice, CDM Fitness, and Bandera, to name a few.

This was not an accident.

If you want to build relationships with your clients, you need to be where they are, and having our store on this street is a statement to that.

We want you to come by and say hi so we can get to know the community. Bring your pooch as Courage our shop dog loves to play. Don’t mind if he barks - he’s just excited to see you. And men beware: he will try to mouth kiss you. He loves men.

Many of you have already been so kind to pop in and welcome us to the neighborhood. We love that. Thank you.

Whether you’re looking for an “in & out” bra for layering, fantastic stretch leggings for travel, or a cool sheer tee that’s more sophisticated than your typical t-shirt, you’ve come to the right place. We can normally be found upstairs in our office working on wholesale or design, but we will happily pop downstairs to help you pick out key pieces for a chic look (We're always looking for a break from the endless emails…).

We want you to feel like you’ve just found the best-kept secret in town, (hint hint: you may have)!

We’re here to make sure you feel at ease, so don’t be surprised if we offer you a cup of coffee, a cold soda or a glass of wine.  

In addition to our line //OUT, you’ll find funky shoes from Mara & Mineanother Aussie designer living and working in America, covetable sportswear Well-Kept from New York, smart tennis and golf wear from Monreal London and some sexy bras from Michi.

We’re open Monday to Friday 9am-6pm. We are usually here before and after so you can stop in after your early morning workout, or after a day at the office. Expect to be greeted by Courage!

Why We Call CDM Home

We were living in Asia when we started the business but we knew we didn’t want to stay there.  The US is the best place to be an entrepreneur so we set our sights on California. As a native Californian, Leah wanted to come home and settle down after living and working abroad for so long. Her business partner, Australian native Lauren, loved California after spending time in Tahoe when she was younger, so picking California was easy.

We chose Orange County in particular because of the people.

Leah had lived in Orange County briefly after living in Paris and before moving to Singapore and had really liked it. Newport Beach, Laguna, Corona Del Mar, Irvine, and the other cities in Orange County make up a nice community of women who get //OUT.  Many are well traveled, health conscious, and accomplished. They are creating beautiful lives for themselves and their families. This is a special group of women.

Corona Del Mar works well as //OUT Incorporated's HQ because it’s beautiful, close to Los Angeles, affordable (relatively speaking) and easy to get around, so we don’t lose precious time sitting in traffic jams or long commutes every day.

It’s also a fantastic place to incubate a new brand because of the discerning clientele living and shopping here. The client base is not as transient as it can be in LA or NY, so we can build relationships over the years and grow together. Our clients' feedback is invaluable and continues to help us shape our line. This is key for us because we want to stay connected to our clients - we want to design with them and for them.

Our client shops for quality, fit, uniqueness and affordability, which is actually a hard combination to find on the market. With all the luxury brands so accessible from South Coast Plaza or Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island, our client is spoiled and not easily converted to new brands. She is 20 minutes away from the world’s best brands, so if she is going to try a new brand, it’s because it meets her quality standards. After that, we hope it will stand out as a brand she can count on season after season for versatile basics with a cool twist.

Our client is not easy to get but she’s worth the effort. As tough as it is to get these types of clients on board for a new brand, they are the best ones to have because if they love it, they are fiercely loyal. Also, if they endorse it, then the more trend/fashion-oriented clients end up loving it.

We sell more of our funky pieces outside of Orange County to more trendy clients in LA and NY, which is great. But we definitely would not want our line to be built on too much funk. It’s fun to have these pieces for the more fashion-forward ladies, but our sweet spot is basics with a twist - classic and edgy. So if you can get the Orange County woman to support your brand, it’s much easier to expand to LA, Miami, SF, and NY, where women take bigger risks with their clothes and are hungrier for new brands. The more fashion-oriented clients are of course fantastic clients to have, but we see them as being more fickle with their brand relationships. We know we want a loyal base like we have here.

So this is our home, and we’re looking forward to you trying //OUT for your daily life and accidental adventures. We hope this sophisticated sportswear resonates with you and your life.

Make a Saturday of it!

If you’re only stopping in for the day, we have plenty of our go-to restaurants, shops, and studios to share with you.

First, stop off at our favorite coffee shop and restaurant, Zinc Cafe, on your way into our store. It’s two doors down from us and features some of the best breakfast in the area. We highly recommend trying the healthy scramble and the oat scone.

After shopping at our flagship store, head to Laguna Supply for a cool new dress or a pair of sandals.

Lastly, head to Corona Del Mar State Beach to soak up the afternoon sunshine before dinner. We recommend Quiet Woman for happy hour drinks and dinner, it’s an iconic place with an easy menu.

What makes Orange County home for you? Tell us in the comments section below why this place and the people who live here are essential to your way of life.

Stay In the Know

Our store is now open, so stop by to shop the //OUT Incorporated brand, and see what else we might be carrying in the store.

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