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At //OUT Incorporated, we like to challenge the myths us sisters tell ourselves. We have picked //OUT our favorites which center on the female universe and dispel the quirky falsehoods we often take as gospel.

Myth #1: Women don’t snore

False. Snoring is as common among women as it is amongst our male bedfellows. Reason to pay attention to your nightly nasal malfunction? Truth is, the risk for cardiovascular disease is higher in people who snore. Diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes are possible consequences. So pay attention to your respiratory system and get some nighttime relief for your betterment…. And his!

Myth #2: Men lose weight for their appearance

Not true. That’s not to say men couldn't care less about their appearance, however it’s certainly less of a driver to shed the pounds. If a man starts a diet, it’s most commonly due to health-related problems.

Myth #3: Women are saints when it comes to washing their hands after going to the rest room

Wrong. Sadly (or grossly) one out of ten women don’t wash their hands after their bathroom sojourn. Here at least we can claim better hygiene than our brothers. Among men, one out of three might think “You’ve got me there” with their less than exemplarily germ-busting standards. Our advice, steer clear of the office cookie and candy jar where unwashed hand visits cause a bacteria frenzy …. and keep some hand sanitizer handy.

Myth #4: Men drink more alcohol than women

This is not true anymore (Well, certainly not in our office!). Women have been making up ground when it comes to alcohol consumption. Thank the languishing Thursday (and let’s face it Friday and Saturday night ladies’ drinks for that). At //OUT Incorporated, we are not adverse to a tipple or two… however important to remember that women get drunk faster than men, and our hangovers last longer too. Our vote, keep it clean a couple of nights a week…if you can…. and stash some Berocca in your purse for the Saturday morning post sangria slump.

Myth #5: Mood swings in women are caused by hormones

Not exclusively. Unhealthy, processed foods can also lead to a nasty mood, or make PMS even worse. So, concentrate on preparing (or let’s face it, purchasing) healthy and fresh food and it will certainly do you and your spirits some good.

Myth #6 Women cannot get pregnant during their period

Whether or not a woman can get pregnant during her period actually depends on a couple of factors. If you have an early ovulation and have sex on day five or later of your cycle, you could be in for an ‘interesting’ surprise. It’s also worth remembering that while the human egg can only survive for 12 to 24 hours after being released from the ovary, sperm can live for up to five days in a woman’s reproductive tract. As such ladies, It’s possible to get pregnant from a romp occurring anytime from five days prior to ovulation to even occasionally two days after.

So there you have it! A series of assumptions proved untrue. Maybe it has you thinking that a quick google check to do some reconnaissance on those parental set pretenses might do you some good?

//OUT Incorporated xx

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    Everything that I read is true.

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